What do UltraSmall Colleges have in common with farmers' markets, local bookstores,

tiny homes, and brew pubs? 

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Dr. Marcus P. Ford, Ph.D. Marcus.Ford@nau.edu

​Dr. Sandra B. Lubarsky, Ph.D. Lubarskysb@appstate.edu

The UltraSmall College Movement: The Next "Big Thing" in Higher Education

To find out more about UltraSmall Colleges: 

A movement in support of human-sized education

UltraSmall Colleges:


  • UltraSmall Colleges are good for the individual, the community, and  the planet. 

  • UltraSmall Colleges focus on the whole person, not just on your intellect.  ​

  • Each UltraSmall College is unique.  No two UltraSmall Colleges are alike. 

  • ​UltraSmall Colleges are places where you will be encouraged to grow as a person in community with others.