Deep Springs College

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Founded nearly 100 years ago, Deep Springs College is both the oldest and smallest college in the world.  Located on a working cattle ranch in the high desert of Southern California, it is also one of the most atypical colleges in the world.  In addition to course work, students are responsible for running the ranch and for actively participating the decision-making processes of the college itself. 

Deep Springs is highly competitive, accepting no more than fourteen students a year and, at this time, is only accepting male students.  (Deep Springs is in the process of going co-ed, but this has not happened yet.)

Deep Springs is a two-year college, offering the first two years of a four year degree.  Students who complete two years of work at Deep Springs typically go on to complete their undergraduate degree at some of the most prestigious universities in the world and most go on to complete graduate degrees.

All students admitted to Deep Springs receive a scholarship covering the entire cost of their education and room and board.

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