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UltraSmall Colleges:

​Outer Coast College

Outer Coast College is a work in progress.  It is still in the planing stages.  Outer Coast is intended to be an UltraSmall learning community.   Total enrollment will be under forty students. 

Inspired by Deep Springs College, Outer Coast College will combine rigorous academics, self-governance, and work.  Being a student at Outer Coast is more than just taking classes.  It is also about making decisions about how the college functions and  contributing to the local community.   In short, an education at Outer Coast College is about becoming a whole person. 

Located in the stunningly beautiful city of Sitka, Alaska, Outer Coast will offer the first two years of an undergraduate education to both men and women.  Students wishing to earn a four-year undergraduate degree will then transfer to a four-year institution. 

For more information go to Outercoast.org.