UltraSmall Colleges:

Shimer College, Chicago, Illinois

Shimer is an ultrasmall college in a big city.  Shimer's overall enrollment averages slightly more than one hundred.  "Big" classes are capped at twelve.  Most classes have seven students.  There are no lectures or on-line courses.  Shimer is a college for students who love to read, discuss, and think.

The academic program is based on a core curriculum of sixteen required courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  All courses are based on original sources from a list of about 200 core texts broadly based on the Great Books canon. 

Students are admitted primarily on the basis of essays and interviews; no minimum grades or test scores are required. 

Shimer has one of the highest alumni doctorate rates in the country. 

For more information go to Shimer.edu.

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