A movement in support of human-sized education

UltraSmall Colleges:

Why UltraSmall?

UltraSmall colleges focus on the young person as a whole, not just their intellect.  At big schools, and even at small colleges--colleges with just a few thousand students--most students are not known as anything more than a test score.  At an ultrasmall colleges, students are known as whole persons. 

Equally important, ultraSmall colleges ask, "How can education contribute to human flourishing and the well-being of the world?"  And they shape a college experience to address this question.  At big schools the focus tends to be on academic research and on job training.  Research and job training have some importance, of course, but their importance is secondary, not primary.  

The most basic education need is for individuals to come into their full humanity in relationship to society and the natural world.  This can only happen on a person-to-person level, in close community with others.